Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Boys Legion

Mission:Boys Legion aims to create an ambiance of equality and acceptance despite diversity and individual differences among members. We forster camaraderie, strenghten our bonds, and act as one family. The legion is a locus for reaching a person's utmost potential and infusing in them the fundamentals for success. It is our duty to respect and protect the rights of men like us, serve the society to the extent of our capabilities, and be leaders for social change and innovations.

Vision: Boys Legion envisions a society of empowered citizens united as one; a community of individuals imbued with maturity, versatility, and integrity;a group of of critical thinkers and goal oriented leaders striving for service and excellence; men that stands with moral and ethical principles; and Legionnaires working harmoniously to promote an avenue for self-actualization.

"Boys Legion Creed"

We are Boys Legion
We believe in unity despite diversity and individual differences
We foster brotherhood, strengthen our bonds, and act as a family
We build the strongest foundation through better relations
We promote the virtue of maturity, respect, and acceptance
We mold citizenry imbued with courage and versatility
We fight for equal rights regardless of gender preferences
We have imperfections yet stand with ethical principles
We are like an army of angels...
... holding a sword with dignity to serve the society
... carrying a shield to defend the rights of men like us
... wearing wings to soar high and reach for our goals
... and possessing wisdom to judge critically and be leaders for innovations