Sunday, February 8, 2009

True Love

Throughout the longest of the twilight midnight hours
I lay wondering, weeping, dreaming of my desires
Wishing only that I could sleep devoutly in your arms
Knowing of your hardships as you trudge through muck an mires
I hope, I pray that you dote defending the memory of me
While I guard my thoughts and love of you tenaciously
You have escaped hence from the security of my embrace

I don't debate the work of hate, but I will not play along
My tears are shedding, river fierce, colored red, white, and blue
As long as I stand, I'll hold my flame high over head for you
I fight and die defending you, there is no truer love
To keep the spirit of freedom firm, our standards high above
On this day of Valentines, I send my sentiments to you
Those of the proud, of the brave, and of the precious few

Regardless of the issue, i'm always there for you..
To me, i keep you safe and secured,
So keep you safe, i'm your shining knight, who came at your distress
Guard your heart; i'll bring you home to my softest sweet caress