Sunday, March 8, 2009

10 things i hate about me

1. i'm a hopeless non-existent romantic person, i dont show how i feel in a person i know, especially when i'm in love.

2. i'm a pessimistic person " sometimes " i easily thinks life is full of rough edges.

3. more often than not, i'm not sentimental nor romantic

4. I dont cry easily, even if i feel sad and lonely.. Most likely i hide what i feel.

5. I easily annoyed by others, get destructed when i do something.

6. I'm a talkative person, needless to say as in...

7. Sometimes, I'm an ignoramus.

8. I'm a redundant type of person.

9. I dont know how to ride and drive a bicycle.

10. and soon.... I'm a loner type of person.., an introvert


Mac Callister said...

haha you are like my last bf haha he's an introvert and dont show his feelings at me...

line of flight said...

life is full of rough edges, its how you meet them that is the most important.