Sunday, August 3, 2008

Book Description

The author of over forty books, Michael Thomas Ford has been called "brilliant" by Publishers Weekly and has written award-winning and bestselling books such as Alec Baldwin Doesn't Love Me, That's Mr Faggot to You, It's Not Mean if It's True, and The Little Book of Neuroses. Now he turns his pen to fiction in this powerful and moving novel that depicts the lives of three gay men in Provincetown as they struggle to find love and meaning in their lives.


With its windswept dunes, lazy summer days and starry nights filled with possibilities, Provincetown holds special appeal for those who call it home...and for those who come seeking its open welcome. Josh Felling, a diehard romantic that has just discovered his lover has been having an affair, heads to the Cape to reflect on where his relationship - or what's left of it - is going. But the summer has other plans for Josh, and the people he meets and the effects they have on him will change him forever. People like Reilly Brennan, son of an old P-Town family, whose days are caught up in wedding plans, even as his nights are increasingly taken over by heated fantasies about other men...Wideeyed, blond-haired, All-American Toby Evans, an escapee from the Midwest ready to spend the summer in the equivalent of gay boot camp for anyone who will tutor him...Elegant Emmeline, age unknown, a southern belle straight out of Faulkner, with a mean drag act and almost enough money for her permanent gender transformation...And many more characters weaving in and out of each others lives, carrying Josh through a summer he will never forget.