Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Freedom

I am free now...and I'm no longer as dead as I used to be. I used to be as strong as a young man but when I reached age, this age where I am now, I feel invisible and divisible. For life came to me a surging tide, like a wave that glided smoothly, then it became as big as my house, swallowing me, taking over me, imprisoning me and licking the entrails of my body, like a snake penetrating my brains, like a a maggot snipping my flesh...I am now free from their bondage...I'm free from the undesirable factor of fear...let no man tell me otherwise, oh I'm telling you now I'm off anyone's back...Let no one whisper some mysterious secret into my ears...I won't listen. I will cut off the last rope tied around my wrists, I will spit out words I longed to spit out, I will laugh at anyone's face, I will thwart any plan designed for me which I disagree with, I will wear nothing, and wait till my body wears ask me where I come from? I come from the soil you walk on, scattered into an eternal lifelessness. Then you came and said to me, I saw the sun shine on you, oh baby, I saw the sun flash on you, brilliance blinding, too beautiful, hopeful, I can't get over you, let me pick you up, ah, look at you, oh baby, look at you...and I felt like a queen, I was a queen lying on king-sized mattress, the brown pupils of my eyes flying on the back of a dove, singing hallelujiah! You watched your face through me, searched the happiness you'd never felt through my eyes, I showed you how to enjoy it, in magnified transparency, like fluid as clear as rain, of which I'm full of. I moved to the trembling of your hands, was tickled by the quivering of your lips, felt the tight hold of your hands, as I gathered water from the winds, attracted to my cold, cold blood. I turned your breath released inside me into a cloud. Fought with my strength the bites of your teeth, and wrapped coldness around your tongue. And after I gave it all to you, you asked for more. I couldn't quench your screamed and thrashed me against a hard wall, I broke into pieces, and stayed where I fell, knowing one day I'll be re-formed into another glass. Now is the day.